Plate Carrier Systems


  • Designed to fit size specific ESAPI plates and soft armor plate backers
  • Padded and backed with moisture-wicking material for comfort
  • Three rows of loop at top of front and rear plate pocket for Patch/Placard attachment
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with removable shoulder pads
  • Hook and loop tabs to route hydration tubes and communication wires
  • Drag handle on rear
  • External cummerbund:
  • Internal pocket for side soft armor inserts
  • Pockets for side SAPI plates (6×6 to 6×8)
  • Removable- plate carrier can be run without external cummerbund
  • Internal elastic cummerbund
  • Two slots built into each side for M4 mags, radio, etc.
  • Made from 1000D Cordura

Ceramic Armor Plate


  • Low weight 4lbs
  • Front and Back plates total weight of 8lbs
  • Level 3 plus
  • High hardness
  • Controlled, uniform microstructure
  • Dimensional stability over a wife temperature range
  • Compatibility for use in finished armor systems with proven ballistic performance for NationalInstitute of Justice (N.I.J) and international design standards.

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