North American Eagle supplies weapons systems that are field tested in-house with our production and partners. These weapons include: Pistols, Rifle Platforms, Light Machine Guns, Bunker Defeat Munition, Anti Armor (AA) Law, Heavy Machine Guns, Precision Long-Range Weapon Systems, and Heavy Snipers.


Along with our partners, North American Eagle offers Military, Intelligence, and Medical Training as well as operational and security services. We also offer Personnel and Asset Protection and Kidnap & Ransom Response. With decades in mobile infrastructure able to establish and maintain International Mobile Teams according to the needs of government organizations and the private sector.

Disaster Relief:

Along with our partners, North American Eagle offers a variety of Logistic support in case of a natural disaster helping governments and private sector to achieve their disaster response capabilities.

Battle Dress Uniforms, Ballistic Armors:

Along with our partners, North American Eagle offers a variety of Logistic support, Combat gears and necessary equipment for the Armed Forces and Police to achieve their operational capabilities.


Our systems are designed to observe the area for long hours and for many kilometers. The systems can carry payloads with different weights. It has operational experience from a large number of armies in the world and requires end-user credentials.


Along with our partners, North American Eagle offers a variety of ammunition specs that range from standard calibers to belted and special reconnaissance use.

Ground Robots and Anti-terror Robots:

Robots are sent to dangerous areas such as Terror-stricken places, EODIEOD, toxic gases, narrow spaces, etc. The robots are able to observe, map selected areas, locate signs of life in ruins and to transfer a payload to a selected location. The robot can move in difficult terrain, relay a 360 degree image, declare and conduct a dialogue with an enemy and, if necessary, use weapons inside the robot or use non-lethal means such as gas and electricity.

Narcotics Detection Kit:

The SEEKERe represents cutting edge technology in hand-held explosive and drug detection equipment. Its form and functionality are the result of years of research and development and thousands of man hours in user feedback.

Medical Kits and COVID-19 Detection:

Due to the new challenges that the world is facing today and the required response from government organizations NAE is partnering with many pharmaceutical companies to supply necessary COVID-19 tests kits and other related items. Armed Forces, Police and Security Forces are exposed everyday to the risk of COVID-19 so it is paramount to have ready test kits for them to address the issue before spreading to others.