Military & Law Enforcement Training

North American Eagle together with its affiliated partner PPC INC. is offering a wide array of training and consulting services for Military, Law Enforcement Agencies and International Training for our allies around the world.   Unlike many other companies, we have not only our previously designed and implemented courses, but our approach is to customize our courses to the needs and abilities of our service clients.
Our staff first consults with our clients, then we design specific courses based on a multi-faceted approach.  We look at exact needs, equipment, missions and current expertise of the clients existing asset.

We do not use the one size fits all approach, we customize the training class to include exact needs and desires of the client.
Our staff is highly qualified in expert curriculum design, as well as placing current expertise in the areas to be trained. We consider current abilities, terrain, budget, specified missions, current and future equipment and training environments.


North American Eagle and PPC new client’s approach is very effective to address all their needs. Our team first engages with our clients, then prepares training based on these areas, and uses faculty with real world experience and expertise in the area to be trained.  Our staff is quite diverse and has a variety of contracted staff also, to ensure that the curriculum used is the most current of information and equipment available.

Although we have several classes that are already tried and proven, we take a lot of time to work with our clients to ensure that the classes delivered meet their desires and deliver classes to enhance their specific knowledge skills and abilities.

Our staff is built with real world experience.  We ensure that the personnel deployed to our clients are not just reading a script but have the true abilities to deliver a professional product and answer all the needs of our clients.


Some of the already prepared and delivered training modules include:

  • Police Special Weapons and Tactics (Basic and Advanced)
  • Police and Military Sniper Courses
  • Soft target Analysis
  • Vital Infrastructure Analysis
  • All weapons and tactics courses
  • Police current tactics and diversity training
  • Military Commando Courses
  • Police and Military Sniper Courses
  • Emergency Ordinance Disposal Training
  • Dignitary / Executive Protection Courses

  • Precision on and off-road driving courses with all types of vehicles
  • Underwater Recovery Courses
  • Current trends in Police and Security Courses
  • Interpersonal Skills and Direct Interrogation Courses
  • Police and Military Current Investigation Courses
  • Police and Military Staff and Command Courses
  • Computer Forensics and Data Recovery


North American Eagle and PPC INC are world class providers on all training modules. Prior to the delivery of the course, our staff works directly with the client to tailor each course to the knowledge, skills, equipment and ability of the client to ensure that the class is appropriate, and the skills are needed.  We ensure that the classes are directed to the clients’ current skillsets and desires.  The initial preparation is unlike most any other provider in this arena, due to this approach.