Military Fortification
Utilizing Mid-American Group TetrapodsTM with SeaMix® concrete additive, you can create a barrier
reef that would help combat shoreline erosion while providing protection for shoreline inhabitants like
birds and turtles. This barrier reef would promote underwater biological growth that would assist in
sustaining marine life.
Creating a man-made barrier reef offshore would reduce the energy of potential storm surges helping
to combat erosion. This “Green” solution would be beneficial to marine ecology, unlike the Wind
Generators that are creating sonar disruption under water. Poured and formed onshore, these
TetrapodsTM are easily deployed anywhere in the world in both fresh and saltwater environment.
SeaMix® has been proven to promote biological growth in concrete when mixed with the natural water
environment that it is being submersed in. This solution is win-win, as it promotes biological growth
and marine sustainability while combating shoreline erosion that affects birds and turtles.