About Us

North American Eagle L.L.C. North American Eagle is an American company created to provide exclusive and unsurpassed operational support , utilizing our professional knowledge and expertise in all aspects of government, military and law enforcement worldwide.” Our professional team have created unsurpassed training regimens and operational support, utilizing our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of government training and operations. Our levels of expertise include, but are not limited to, weapons, military and law enforcement operations, surveillance systems, disaster response , intelligence and active entry to maximize your team’s time management and operational cadence to support scenario development, situational awareness, and mission profiles. North American Eagle L.L.C. is specializing in Defense Support and Logistics, working very closely with government organizations and the private sector. Here we combine Extensive Military Intellect and Subject Matter Expertise, to deliver reliable solutions of the highest quality and performance with scope of Strengthening our Customers’ National Security and response capabilities.

Members of North American Eagle

Dr. Mazin Yaldo, Founder and President of North American Eagle

Dr. Mazin Yaldo, the founder of North American Eagle, is the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is an accomplished professional and very successful businessman. His early passion for aviation has motivated him to explore opportunities in defense and security programs in government and private sector. Dr. Yaldo speaks fluently several languages including Italian, Arabic, French and English. He is the promoter of major changes within the company and strong supporter of technological advancements in the defense industry.

Everest Haxhi, Chief Executive Officer

Everest Haxhi serves as Chief Executive Officer at North American Eagle and co-founder of the company. He is Retired Navy Officer with strong analytical, presentation and problem solving capabilities. Everest Haxhi is professionally accomplished in coalition multinational operations and in diplomatic capacity has served as Assistant Defense Attaché in Washington DC for many years engaging with diplomats and defense officials of many countries. He has served as Liaison Officer for coordinating coalition efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan for US Central Command (USCENTCOM) performing several critical missions in those areas. He is focused on maximizing performance and engaging business partners in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment.

Brigadier General Roger B. Burrows (Ret), Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Brigadier General Roger B. Burrows (Ret) serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at North American Eagle after 29 years of successful military career. He is an accomplished Business and Government Executive/Sales and Marketing with 40 + years of management, sales and marketing achievements. Brigadier General Burrows has been for 23 years in leadership and senior marketing positions with General Motors and in charge of Combat Vehicle Sales at Military Vehicle Operations, National Account Sales Manager directing strategic planning in current and future models of combat systems while managing $1.5 billion in GM military business.

Mustafa Al Hashimi, Vice President for the Middle East Region

Mustafa Al Hashimi has extensive and vast experience in both the security and intelligence sector and has served as Director General of Intelligence Iraqi Border Ports in Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS). His professional expertise and knowledge is a valuable asset for North American Eagle. Mustafa Al Hashimi is fluent in several languages spoken throughout the region and, has successfully assisted US military and Coalition forces in different missions of critical importance in the area.

Craig Pulvirenti, Vice President for Training

Craig Pulvirenty is our Vice President for Training. Craig has joined North American Eagle after 35 years of combined experience of Law Enforcement and Military service including Military Intelligence, Special Operations, Narcotics investigator, Criminal Detective, Police Patrol, Firefighter 1 & 2, Emergency Medical Technician, Evidence Technician on the Major incident Investigation Team and over 24 combined years in SWAT/Military. He is Certified Trainer and Curriculum Development in the State of Michigan. Homeland Security, and Department of State Train the Trainer Certified. Craig Pulvirenti has extensive international experience as a Department of State and Department of Defense contract trainer/mentor/manager to include the following countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Tanzania, Mauritania, South Africa, Kenya, Jordan, Mexico, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Uganda, Angola, Mauritania, Oman and Kazakhstan.