About Us

North American Eagle L.L.C. is created to provide exclusive and unsurpassed training regimens and operational support, utilizing our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of government training/operations worldwide. Our levels of expertise include, but are not limited to, weapons, operations, tactical medicine, skilled driving, intelligence and active entry to maximize your team’s time management and operational cadence to support scenario development, situational awareness, and mission profiles.

North American Eagle L.L.C. values the possibility to assist with your needs and wants and look forward to the opportunity to gain your business. For training or operational needs please reach out to one of our specialists for assistance in putting together a custom tailored program
for your needs.

Our Team

Sarmad (Sal) Jabro – Chairman of the Board is one of the founders of NAE. His successful business partnerships and excellent attitude reflects greatly on the success and motivation of the company.